Our goal is to make STEM fun

Phinalabs creates hands-on electronic and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) kits for today’s students to build 21st-century digital economy skills. We work with educators to provide the best maker education in classrooms or maker spaces.

At Phinalabs we inspire both students and educators to be makers and inventors. A maker is someone who creates, tinkers with old technology, and invents new things.


We are creating hardware kits for makers of age 7+, actively developing a collection of plug-and-play sensors and a learning platform for learners and educators.  The kits and sensors make it easy for one to get started in seconds.


We support block-based e.g Scratch and textual programming e.g Micro-Python and Arduino C/C++.  To make the process of integrating and communicating with our hardware ecosystems easy and straightforward, we customize software for our kits.

Learning Platform and Curriculum

Our learning platform is carefully designed to make learning and creating projects easy and fun. The step-by-step lessons focus on enhancing physical computing and computational thinking skills. We cover lessons for beginners, intermediate and expert learners.

Our Selection of STEM resources