Laser cutting is a manufacturing process that can eliminate the need of machining on many engineering jobs and with its high precision levels and high edge quality makes it better than any other traditional methods.

Laser cutting is ideal for creating 2D designs that are complex by hand. With laser cutting you can quickly and economically create complex shapes, engrave logos out of plastic, wood, thin steel, rubber, paper etc.

To get you started in creating awesome designs, here are our few favorite design software:

  • Adobe illustator
  • coreldraw
  • Inkscape
  • Solid edge 2D
  • Solid works
  • Solvespace
  • Autocad

Also to note that when creating files they should be in SVG format which is the one suitable for laser cutting.

Below are parts that you can create:

  • enclosure for electronics e.g Arduino, Raspberry pi
  • Custom product enclosures
  • Robot parts and chasis
  • sign lettering and logos
  • computer case parts
  • custom artifacts
  • Jewelry
  • stencils and templates
  • trophies and awards
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