It’s a space where we do experiment with new interesting technology and tinker with hardware and software projects for our in-house use or with our partners. We are also actively contributing to the open-source community.

Fabrication – Laser Cutting and Engraving

We offer Laser Cutting and Engraving fabrication services to our customers. Laser cutting offers a quick and easy way to make custom parts for your project out of sheets of acrylic, wood, card stock, and rubber. All you need is to prepare your design and we’ll handle the rest.

How to Order

If you don’t have access to a computer or design software, we might be able to draw and create a file for you at a rate of kes 500 per hour with a minimum charge of kes 1500

Laser cutting price

* Kes 500 minimum order charge
* No set-up fees
* There is a kes 350 set up per unique part and a kes 100 minimum per additional copy of each part.
* Discounted rates for large orders

NB: We are also not likely to discount our rates for the following parts:

* Single large or complex parts that take a long time to cut
* Very small parts or fragile parts
* Parts with small, sharp, and fine details
* Parts with many disjointed cuts


We also stock some of the materials which we sell by the square foot.
You can also send us your own material or have a supplier send it to our address:

File Formats

Some of the Exciting Projects We’ve Done

Precision IoT enabled Energy meters

The meters precisely measure the power consumption of max 2kw and send the data to a custom remote server for analysis and storage. The meters we deployed in Kenya and Rwanda

Partners: Strathmore Energy, Pereybere Energy, AESG Rwanda

Solar Appliances Power Measurement

The devices measure the power consumption of solar fridges, water pumps, and milking machines. The meters we deployed in Kenya, Rwanda, Senegal and India

Partners: Kaiote

WaziHub IoT

Sourcing and batch production, testing, and packaging of Wazi Dev IoT hardware

Partners: Wazihub

Ventilator Motherboard

Research and development of motherboard to control locally made ventilator during Covid

Partners: Kenyatta University

AC Precision Sensing

Precision AC Voltage analysis. Data is sent to a remote server using MQTT.

Partners: Kaiote

Sigfox Development Board

Design, development, and manufacture of low-power STM32-Sigfox development kit with integrated sensors-Accelerometer, sound, GPS, buzzer, temperature/humidity, and light.

Partners: Liquid Telecom

Laser Distance Sensing

Design, development, and manufacture of laser-powered distance/level sensor and communication is via Modbus

Partners: Core Networks

Development Kit

Assembly and testing of development kits for Microsoft Nairobi hardware team

Partners: Microsoft Nairobi

Open Source

Inventory App

A simple and easy-to-use inventory management system for your electronics components.

Technology: Node Js, Electron, Semantic UISQLite 3, Jquery

AVR USBAsp Based Programmer

A simple AVR/Atmel programmer based on USBAsp and a customized windows app using ARVDude.

Technology: AVRDude, USBAsp, C#, PCB Design

Maker Badge

A maker badge designed using RP2040, a microcontroller designed by Raspberry Pi.

Tech: RP2040, QR Code, RFID Tags, React

Embedded Systems

An actively maintained collection of learning resources and hacks

Tech: C Lang, CAD

ESP32-Sigfox Dev Kit

An ESP32 based development kit based on Sigfox low power network technology and comes with integrated sensors.

Tech: SigfoxESP32